Postimetrodon or secaodontosaur?

Yesterday I reached the badlands arena and I have realised that epic (mabye even legendary) hybrids will come into play. It just so happens that I have started working towards postimetrodon, should I place it in my team instead of secnodontosaur?

Personally I prefer Postimetrodon. No real reason other than I have had better games with it.

Work towards postimetrodon, i dont like personally cause of it low dmg, but there are people using it even in the 4000 range. While no one Is using secodonto

Also you can post here what your team looks like and we can help you choose :blush:

I took out Secodontosauris because of her low health. She‘s got some nice abilities but has to take one round before using her x2 damage. She‘s immune, but so is also Posti.
Posti has immunity, is pretty fast, has good health and can use her abilities right from the beginning.

That‘s why I threw out Seco even though I collect her DNA hoping that some day she‘ll get a hybrid.

Oh and Seco isn‘t that fast can be oneshotted by Velociraptor.

My not so amazing team

The creatures I’m working toward

The "pro"stimetrodon

I would suggest ankylo for sucho. Postimetrodon for secod, and when you get gorgosuchus take out vraptor or mono or piro. And also level your stegosaurus and have it on your team, you will use it until able to create stegodeus

Thanks, I have reserved spots but I’ll try make it work.

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seco’s speed too low…

wish they will make seco hybrid in the future

Yeah I‘m hoping that too that‘s why I decided to collect enough Seco DNA for a possible hybrid.

Edit: Oh sry guys, I haven‘t seen that this thread‘s so old. :fearful: Didn‘t mean to push it up sorry.

No its fine