Postimetrodon Raid Boss armor

Why does the raid boss have armor but the actual creature doesn’t? It just does not make sense.

If I’m not mistaken, Hadros Lux Raid Boss also has armor. I don’t care too much about it as long as the Raid is possible to win.


I have no problem with it, it’s just that the original creature has no signs of anything with armor, while the raid boss does. It doesn’t change anything about it.

I have played since Day 1 and I still wonder how brachys body fat gives armor but the backs of Megalosuchus and Gorgosuchus don’t give armor…
I mean the back of Sarcosuchus does so why not?

Exactly. Hadros Lux boss has 10% armor. Bosses are tougher than the playable versions, along the same lines as why the movesets are also completely different.


The bosses are meant to be more challenging, that’s why their stats and abilities are often a bit different to their regular selves.

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Why does T rex boss Invincible ability? Yes.

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