Postimetrodon Raids

The hitbox for postimetrodon includes every place that it walks. Last week this blocked me from getting an epic and this week its stopping me from getting a treasure chest. Can you please fix the Postimetrodon raid’s hitbox to be like all the other raids?


I’m sorry about that, Alankylosaurus!

I believe our team is still working on addressing the hitbox issue on certain Raid Bosses.

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It’s been adressed countless times, but it’s starting to get on my nerves. Postimetrodon raid boss hitbox is asbsolutely messed up, ever since the times of the Megalosuchus raid this has been an issue and one would think that after Mega being removed and Posti arriving it would be fixed, but no, the hitbox blocks everything that clashes with Postimetrodon’s path, meaning that no matter what you click, it will take you to the raid menu with no way of getting access to what you want.
This guy is blocking me 3 strike towers and I can’t go out today for personal reasons, so no way to look for them later during a walk, meaning I’ll be losing out on boosts, coins and DNA today. This is really hurting progress of a lot of people in similar situations. When will it be fixed?