Postimetrodon VS Tryostronix

which one of them are more terrifying?

postimetrodon is faster and has more HP while tryo is more damaging…(tryo is more difficult to have)

I kill Tryo every time my Posti faces it. I’ll add Tryo to my team once I’ve leveled it up some. It’s only level 18 right now so pretty useless.

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If those 2 are battling each other, Posti will win. I went with Posti instead of Tryo but it’s debatable which is more effective. Tryo is terrifying when it gets crits. I think most people would go with Tryo but it’s harder to level up.


i am comparing these 2 with magnapyriter…that last one w/ damn low HP…but still able to kill these 2.

while magna can be killed by all kinds of raptors easily, the other 2 may not…

a bit regret upgrading tryo to 23…not upgrading posti…coz facing utarinex…2 shot tryo is gone…(2x distraction + 1.5x run away) while posti can still hit its second shot coz of higher HP

If equal levels Tryos is much better. But adjust your account and limitations for powering up accordingly as to what you can do.


Magna is a savage, but one of the hardest to level up. If you find enough Baryonyx, keep leveling Tryo. You won’t regret it.


I will choose tryo

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Tryo is able to one-shot a lot of dinos if used correctly. Higher crits too. You’ll need him more than Posti in the long run.


I am split, Posti is a mainstay on my team while tryo rides the pine. However, I have been in a slow roll towards making magna. I think if you want to win more sooner, level posti. She will save your behind more times than not. Tryo at lower levels has way too many counters and can cost you matches. Once you get Posti to a good enough level with your team, make the climb with Tryo.


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I did not need to read this thread…I just leveled my tryo. I’ve been debating the two for a while now. Now I wish I had leveled posti :sob:

I went all the way with Posti before committing the DNA to Tryo. I created Tryo a while back but my math told me that my Baryonyx DNA would only take it so far, so I held off on leveling it. I still only have about 5k Baryonyx DNA now but I guess I’ll find out how far that will take Tryo pretty soon.


The amount of dna you have blows my mind. Your efficiency of hunting and skill with your digits must be unmatched!


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Reply coming, lol I got bit by the temp ban… again. They kill me with this stuff. /sigh

You will not have to take it far out damage a Posti so there’s that.

what will happen if you have both of them @level 30? two killing machines…?

That would be a fun combo. Tryo at level 30 is probably one of the scariest dinos to face. I have a hard time finding Baryonyx though, so that would take a while to get there unless I start getting lucky at night.

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