Postimetrodon (What's the Deal?)


So, what’s the deal with this hybrid?

It’s easily the most pointless Epic I’ve seen thus far.
I mean, not only is it super squishy so it gets murdered almost immediately, but it also has within its moveset a cleansing feature… And it’s immune to status effects. What’s it supposed to cleanse? Why does it have this move? For the buff? It’s lower tier “Ferocious Strike” move gives a better buff and actually does damage. All the Adrenaline surge does for this creature is, maybe, put off death for one turn… maybe.

It doesn’t even have better than average damage or output or speed to offset this nonsense. What’s the point of having a non-damaging 25% buff if the creature is more than likely going to die before it gets another strike off?

Critter needs a rework, is what I’m saying.


And he is extremely difficult to level up cause postosuchus is so hard to find. :-1:


The deal is not to use him in endgame.

Dimetrodon/Postimetrodon are kinda great midgame, because they can tank Pounce unaffected and possibly kill the Raptor then. But after all they are not fast enough to beat multiple dinosaurs, so I swapped them out.


Yeah, I don’t even have the Postosuchus. I’ve just been lucky with the incubators and Postimetrodon seems to spawn fairly regularly on my map. I’ve never even seen a Postosuchus.

@Tyranno, I’m not even level 10 yet and it still get’s murdered. If I wanna kill raptors, I use my Stegos for the speed-gimp. That said, my issue is less with how ineffective they are and more about how their move-set is absurd. Again, they have a move that cleanses, but they are immune to status effects.

That’s nonsense.


I think they should replace the cleanse attack with a short defense so he takes more hits.


Yeah, I wouldn’t argue with a defense buff.


Just open enough 12h/24h Incubators (Screen from weeks ago). Only had one wild Posto so far.


That’s not the only Dino like that… spinoraptor is similar. U raptor is better than his hybrid.


Really I have him and he is awesome distracting strike reduces openents damage and then go for wounding strike he killed a whole team once.


Like any hybrid, there’s a strategy in how to use him effectively in the arena. He’s not pointless, He’s just not an ‘endgame’ hybrid. Keep experimenting with your lineup.


My issue is less about her viability and more about her move-set being nonsensical.


That cleanse skill doesn’t make sense. I tried it several times and decided to kick it out of team. Probably they need to fix that last skill, if ludia decided to rework then I suggest the last skill has cloak ability, maybe it would make people use him more lol.


They were just lazy to create a totally new instant buff and used the same for everyone.


Right, but even as a buff it’s pointless, since they’ve got another move which actually does damage and grants a better buff.

Having to spend two turns max-buffing a dino (Ferocious Strike & Adrenaline Surge) that won’t live long enough to exploit those buffs doesn’t make sense. Literally the only thing which makes the Adrenaline Surge buff arguably on the same level as Ferocious Strike is that it lasts four turns instead of three… But no Postimetrodon in history has ever lasted four turns; so that’s kind of irrelevant.

Actually, do buffs which do the same thing even stack? Like, does the 50% dmg from Ferocious strike stack with the 25% dmg from Adrenaline Surge?


Here’s the deal:

If you ever confront a bot with lv30 Postimetrodon, it’s just very deadly.
(Well, every lv30 dino is deadly though) :roll_eyes:


Agreed, I have the postimetrodon lvl 14 and it’s just god awful. Literally have 2500 pts for the demitrodon to use, and a lvl 8 postosuchus. Been fortunate enough to see three of those dino’s in the wild… what’s up with that??? End game, not worth your time and effort leveling up this one.

(It’s a very pretty dinosaur though, one of those just for collection :joy:)