Postmetridon good for teams?

Ovcourse I just made my diseclusion about postosuchus, now what comes next. Postimetrodon I’m so collection just posto suddenly became rarer and tauntes me like Quetzals. Is the hybrid very good in arenas even though you are sacrificing that all important dimetrodon dNA?

You should ask @TheMaxx :grin:

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Yes very good. i still use mine at lvl 17 at 3500 trophies. However, I think i’m getting to the point where it’s becoming less effective and i’m preferring my Ankylocodon lvl 19 more.


Well I‘m using her and she‘s a good counter against slowing down or stunning dinos, plus she can raise her chance of crits and damage and she also is able to break through shield and armor.
She‘s not making as much damage as Postosuchus, but her immunity is an advantage and she often were my last trump card.

I had Postosuchus for a long time in my team but in the end I replaced here. She‘s a beast and makes much damage, but she hasn‘t any other ability that might be useful against opponents so I took Gorgosuchus instead. Also a beast!

I have a love hate relationship with her. I use her solely because of defence shattering and immunity, but often find she often gets ganked before she can do real damage…I like having the ankylocodon there as well to take a few hits if they bring out a stunner.

If you find Baryonyx often, then don’t bother with Postimetrodon and create Tryostronix.

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I love my Postimetrodon. It’s my best starter because it’s kinda fast and immune, and has decent attacks that can cut through shields and armor. Some people think it’s a waste of DNA to keep leveling it but i find so little of the other dinos needed for other hybrids, so i just keep working on Posti for now. Mine will probably be a level 30 tonight if the fusing goes good. I can always find more Postosuchus and Dimetrodon for other hybrids, and I’d rather have a high level dino that can do a lot of damage instead of a lower level hybrid that’s gonna take months to level up. Once i hit 30, I’ll be able to focus on Tryo and Magna and not “waste” it on Posti.