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Posto nerf? Or kapro nerf?

Do you agree with this, if so comment, if not say why. I would honestly say that the postosuchus were the bane of many mid game/ early game players bucks and dinos on the power up incubator. I got 9 battles and lost, so I did the event got a lvl 12 mono (I’m rubbish at catching epics) and lost agian to the posto (and kapro) which myaye cause you to lose through its swap in, although kapro’s damages is significantly lower so comment ifrom you agree!

Stegodeus needs to be addressed before any other changes are made to any dino.


That makes more sence as stegodeus is to op

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Why would 2 rares need a nerf?


Everyone who plays against stegodeous has a stegodeous though so what’s the problem? :thinking:


Theirs is a higher level? :thinking:

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I agree … if you have a stegod and you want it nerfed, it’s the same as saying you want to negate the work that players who grind more than you do


I want Hersh’s indoraptor nerfed :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️ :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️


:joy: he did hit a pretty big growth spurt right after I got him :sweat_smile:

mine’s 27 (1/2 way to 28) and i want it nerfed. a lot of dinos honestly. something needs to be done about every team arena 8+ being 75-100% exactly the same :sleeping: . or make other things better. stegodeus is probably on close to, if not, 100% of teams 4000+ (maybe event fewer) trophies.

Lol Nerf rare that’s not even cut out to be meta??? Go farm some DNA lol


I really wish everyone would stop screaming Nerf Everytime they can’t beat something. Start screaming buff for it’s counters instead. I’ve put in countless hours of grinding and aggravation to get my dinos, and some dollars too. I’m tired of people complaining about dinos just because they don’t want to put in the same amount of work and can’t grasp how to counter. BUFF DINOS, NOT NERF THEM.


Is anyone concerned that this was a discussion about posto and kapro. Aslo I’m making a discussion on creatures that need to be buffed if you want to talk about needed buffs.

Folks best be careful what they ask for with all this nerfing talk. Ludia might listen and this game could go the way PoGo did.

Went from a competitive game where level mattered and strong critters ruled to where there is nothing a level 40 could put in a gym that a level 5 can’t take out. Heck, a level 5 can catch a level 30 or 35 critter! It is only a collecting game now, no challenge at all.

And they took the challenge out of collecting also! There was a day when IF you had a Lapras, you were somebody, and a lucky someone too. Now… They have times when they spawn like Pidgies. Even took the prestige of having a regional out. If you traveled and had a Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan or Farfetched, you were unique. Now… They give them away to anyone.


People who thinks Stegodeus is OP should do more friendly battles. At equal footing level with other legendaries, Stegodeus is very easy to dispatch. Level your own dinos up and it won’t be a problem if you want to play it safe, though it is more than possible to defeat Stegodeus several level higher than your dino team as long as you use the right counter. If Stegodeus is giving you headaches, wait till you face Monomimus and Utarinex. Even Ankyntrosaurus is more of a pain.

And no, neither Kaprosuchus nor Posto need to be nerfed.


Everyoke who is interested search: creatures that need BUFFS no nerfs

So many need buffing but it feels like people seem to be against buffing herbivores in general :frowning:

I’m probably the minority here but I like the collecting game, good peace of mind for a completionist to not have to worry about FOMO :laughing: However, if battling is my focus then yeah, that game isn’t made for it right now

The reason people think stegodeous is OP is because it’s usually a much higher level than the rest of their team because it is (or was before apato became dawn/dusk/night) so much easier to level up. It’ll be slightly harder now which means the divide will be greater once again. :woman_shrugging:t2: