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Posto shortage?


Wondering if it is worth venturing to zone 3 today and trying a couple scent capsules. My whole alliance seems to be out as many are requesting and no one has any to donate. Thanks for any help!


Its always a risk with scents. You may get the dino you’re looking for, you might not. If you really want to go for it, do it. Hopefully you’ll get what you’re looking for and then some.


I work in L3, haven’t seen one in a Looooong time.
My alliance is also asking for posto


I was a finally a passenger for once last weekend and saw two in over 4 hours on the road trip.


I work in L3, I have 7000 posto that is not being used haha


Are you happy in your alliance? lol :grin: I have almost 900 Bary just waiting.


Best alliance in Sand Dunes haha. Yeah Bary is a plenty, sitting on 6000


From launch to I think 1.2 or 1.3, Posto was one of the hardest dinos to find in JWA.

They eventually fixed her spawn rates and after that I never passed up a Posto as I knew how rare they used to be in the previous patches.

I now have over 40k posto saved up for a rainy day.

These days I only find Posto in the day and Kapro I only find at night.


I’ve been having more luck really early in the morning getting Kapro.


When is the best time to visit postoville?


Postimetrodon is zone 1…


I kinda went with postosuchus being what he meant :slightly_smiling_face:


The guy above me said postimetrodon lol


I used an epic scent from the strike tower and got one Mono and many diplos. It was snowing and too cold to walk around. Not one posto :neutral_face:


Hope you didn’t use the scent during night!! Posto is a day/dawn/dusk spawn.
I live in L3 and usually get a lot of Diplos at night when using scents. If I use them during day, I get Allo/Trike2 in the bundle.


It was late afternoon and hoped for better luck :blush: