Postosuchus good in teams?

After my rare creatures discussion everyone said suchotator, I personally agree, it’s extremely versatile (except in immunity then it’s nearly useless). I thought of postosuchus but I’m not sure if it’s overly usefull in the arena (except that it makes postmetridon whichave leads to trystornax). Wrote your thoughts down about the base crocodilian here.

I find that if you decide to level a dino that has a hybrid you really have to commit to it and level it quite high to be effective. Most of the time (there are exceptions), the hybrid is going to have a better skill set and be better on a team. I have, however, gone against level 23 and 24 common and rare creatures that have given me a run for my money.

If you don’t have a lot of access to the DNA for the other part of a hybrid (or even superhybrid) it might be a better use of your DNA and coins to level the one dino high. It can still be effective and really throw people off.

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Postosuchus by itself isn’t worth levelling past what’s required for postimetrodon. If you’re in the lower arenas, you might get away with using it like that, but once you get to Badlands, you hardly ever see it being used, but instead of it, a lot of postimetrodon starts to come into play.

Save your coin for creatures worth levelling, there are better ones than postosuchus for sure.