Postosuchus: lets talk about it

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The disappointment I got when I unlocked postosuchus was unimaginable. When the Permian update was coming out I kind of was hoping for a Postosuchus gen 2 that would look like the WWD one.

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I feel you there. But they are limited in the models they have available. Unless you can think of an existing set of animations that fits Postosuchus better, they’re not going to make a new one just so Postosuchus is more scientifically accurate (i.e. largely bipedal). There’s also stuff like fatherless Troodon and others, a more upright Spinosaurus, etc. Clearly they’re not going for perfect scientific accuracy here.


They could use the gorgonopsid model.


That still wouldn’t solve the bipedalism problem, although I’m not sure if that was @anon28420136 s main concern

i was just talking about the change of looks
not really accuracy
but change from scary to cute

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Even more disappointing was the loss of ferocious impact


Lol the artist’s rendition looks like they threw a Carcharodontosaur head on a tall croc

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