Postosuchus question

I used to really like posto, but he has been benched for a while and DNA had gone towards posti. Now I have enough to get posto to L19. Maybe I just need someone to tell me save the coins lol.

You do need to save the coins! Lol
Srly use it for triostonix

I’m someone.

Save coins.

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Thanks! I needed that, sure wish posti got posto’s damage level. I have and use my tryo and like everyone else, need bary… :smiley:

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One good thing about posti though - immunity. But yeah. Save those coins.

Save your coins :joy:

Even with his damage he can put a decent dent into, or even finish, a similarly levelled stegod

Due to speed can finish a similar levelled Tryostronix, assuming both come out at the same time.

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I yet don’t find out why when you press “adrenaline surge” it supposely cleanses if it’s immune

And I’m talking about postimetrodon, in case someone asks what I’m talking about

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The cleanse is redundant, but that move increases damage 25% and gives a 25% regen.

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