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Pot of Gold Chase issue

First chest I open and I get limit reached! I maxed the standard weekend treasure chest earlier today, have ludia tied the pot of gold chase to the standard one! It says the event runs for 6 days so I’d have thought this was the start of a new event as part Of Patrick’s day events!

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Same here.

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Just another thing gone wrong to add to the ever ongoing list of things going wrong.


I’ve notified our team! In the meantime, please email our support team at with your support key so our team can assist you asap.

If you could also include a screenshot of the in-game event info, showing the daily limit, it would really help our team out.

Thank you.


Will do. Thanks Ned :slight_smile:

Wait, the same happened to me.
I went out this morning, maxed the chests and after the reset, they were still maxed.

Should I send a ticket?

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I maxed out the chest on monday morning and it stayed maxed when they switched to the new ones. Also we don’t get proper coin amounts for spinning anything so far during the event.