Potential Buff For Group Ferocity

So currently, there are 2 moves. Ferocious Strike, which is really good, and Group Ferocity Strike, which sucks. Currently, the way it is, almost, if not all creatures that got Group Ferocity Strike suffered from it, and made them worse for wear. So here is my thought.

Scrap Group Ferocity. It doesn’t work that well, and no creature really needed it. If you look at Ready to Crush, it was immediately changed to affect the entire raid team, and so does Mutual Fury. So lets make Ferocious Strike the same way. Change Group Ferocity Strike back to Ferocious Strike, and like with RTC and MF, have it affect the raid team.

Leave your thoughts down in the Comments!


That isn’t entirely true. Ready to Crush used to last 3 attacks, they changed it to 2. Basically all group-attack-buffing moves currently buff the team for no more than 2 attacks, and that seems to work, so I think Group Ferocity Strike should last 3 attacks for the user, but 2 attacks for everyone else.


Group Ferocity Strike needs a cooldown of 2 more than anything else.

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Group ferocity just needs to last an extra turn(same amount if attacks is fine) so it cant do geoup ferocity, then have opponent do immobilize to , and have the buff be gone

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I feel like it should just be like, gives u 3 attacks and the team 2, problem solved.