Potential bug fix

Ludia,one of the stegoceratops moves or monostegotops moves says it has 10%chance to stun and always gets the stun. However when I have my stegoceratops in my line up and have the priority stun ( that has 100% chance to stun) I never get the stun please fix this bug as it makes the battles fair and more people will play and enjoy your game

When battling tap or click the health bar to see immunities or resistances that could be your problem you use a stunning move on a dinosaur that is immune to stun or have a high resistance

Stegocera has Greater Stunning Strike, which has 75% chance to stun, while Monostego has Greater Stunning Impact, which also has 75%.
They both have Swap In Stunning Strike, which only has 66% chance to stun.
Neither of them has an ability with a guaranteed 100% chance to stun.