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Potential Bug?

I was looking at some of my creatures, and I went to Tenontorex since it’s the first Unique I have that I unlocked without even fusing for it. I noticed that the fusion meter says I can do 3 fuses even though none of it’s components are at the required level. I don’t that If I leveled it up that it would let me fuse, but it’s still odd.

Not a bug. If you are eligible to fuse the part where how much coins are needed will be green. If you press 250 it will show like that.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. Could you explain some more? I’ve never had this happen, so I’m trying to understand

Maybe the game counts the maximum number of fuses from the amount of DNA you have of each ingredient, regardless of level. But you can only use that DNA to actually fuse if they are at the right level.

You could check how much Tyrannolophosaur and Tenontosaurus DNA you have to confirm whether this is true or not.

That would make sense. My Tyrannolophosaur has 160 DNA saved up to level it from 17 to 18. So that’s three fuses there. Tenontosaurus I have 18k of, so that’s not a problem