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Potential Chomper hybrid

With Arco likely coming in 2.2, I went ahead and created a chomper unique that could be viable. I used Acro and Allosino and created the Allosinocanthus. Also a quick look at what Moveset Arco could have.

Basically is a set up dino, so that it has a different role that it’s brother Thor. While being a monster to face with a tank, it cowers when a speedster shows up. This way a pure chomper is still viable in arena, but speedsters now can have a chance. Acro is a fan favorite, so why not have a new move with it?

Moves of Arco
Wounding Strike
Deceleration Cleansing Impact
Rending Takedown
Minor Rending Counter Attack

Stats of Acro:
4700 Health
1300 Damage
111 Speed
0% Armor
30% Critical Chance


4800 Health
1400 Attack
110 Speed
10% Armor
20% Critical Chance

Resistant to:
100% Vunerable
100% DoT

Wounding Strike
Deceleration Cleansing Impact
Rending Takedown
Rumbling Charge

Resistant to:
100% Vulnerable
50% DoT

Deceleration Cleansing Impact cleanses deceleration. It has a 2 turn cooldown, so deceleration can’t be reliably cleansed

Wounding Strike has .1 damage dealt over 2 turns, and Rumbling Charge is Instant Chrage without Priority.


I like the lower attack with rend, because then people have to boost it’s speed AND attack if they want to make it a monster. You can also boost it up to around 1700 with PFS, but that requires a turn of setup. It could actually be a decent revenge killer, but it would most likely take a hit first. That’s probably for the best though.

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where di the deceleration come from?

@Cheeseeater you should post your reworked Acro too, and explain the changes you made
This is a better hybrid for Acro

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Lol no :joy: That thing is more like an April Fools Day boss.

Or compy’s moveset when that gets added

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I kind of hope they take Compy seriously, tbh. It could start a new class of cunning creatures with some sort of unique ability, though I’m not sure what. Others in the group could include other small theropods like Archaeopteryx.

Or microraptor, eoraptor, ceolophysis, etc

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Coelophysis grew to almost 10 feet long, so it would probably use the dilophosaurus rig. The others might work though! Archaeopteryx itself was pretty small though, so maybe Protarchaeopteryx instead?

Sorry I was raiding. Arco will be posted

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So how is it now?

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Looks good to me! I don’t know if it needs the counter though, but it’s not too bad. It would be good to see stats too.

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It was a deceleration cleanse, not decelerating. Sorry if it’s confusing

Ok. We already have though, but I could come up with some new ones. The only thing is that the stats don’t mix. Maybe I could replace PFS with Wounding Strike. That way it could have better stats as well. It could have .1 damage over 2 turns

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I know, I was just saying you should post the stats here

Done. The stats have been created for Acro.

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I made a couple edits, so that it would differ more from Thor, and have a bit of a more unique play style.

That looks good to me. I like the wounding strike. With the wound and rend, you could probably lower the attack stat a lot without losing much attack power.

I think “rumbling charge” already exists, it’s just greater stunning strike.

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You’re right I forgot that move existed. Its on 3 dinos though, and none of them I ever see. I guess instant charge it is. Also with the attack, maybe more like 1400 or 1300? It is Acro after all, and like most of its family, they dealt damage mainly by bleeding out their prey, but they still had a good bite to boot.

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