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Potential Chomper hybrid

Maybe, I’m just looking at it in terms of balance. If you look at the existing bleeders/rend users, they often have surprisingly low attack (Spionyx, Thylacotator), since they don’t need it. They also tend to have higher speed though. So you might be able to get away with a bit more attack in exchange for a low speed.

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With great power comes low speed. I think thats the saying. Anyways, I agree. This was built more on a chomper heavy style, so having high attack and low speed would make sense.

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With compy, their special ability could be an unremovable dodge. They would have low health, high attack (as it could be a pack of them), and extreme speed. It could be a rare or epic, and have cunning strike, cunning rampage, and a new move: Instant Evasion. This would dodge 66.7% damage 100% of the time, and it could not be removed, so definite and resilient would act as precise with it. It would do no damage, and it only adds evasion. However, like sidestep, it would have no cooldown.

I don’t know if unremovable evasion is a good idea. Even with instant invincibility, it can be removed with shield break. I bet a multi-turn guaranteed dodge would work on them with low health though.

Maybe they could be cunning-fierce hybrids, using evasion and wound? Since in the movies each one doesn’t have a very high attack, but they tend to bleed out their opponent. So medium-low HP, low attack, but very high speed. I’m not sure how that would do in the game though :sweat_smile: Their dodge would be weak to resilient, and cunnings would cleanse DoT, so they would really only be good against fierce.

I think it would be fine if they weren’t in a group, because then other tiny therapods that weren’t pack hunters could use the same rig.

Ok, but the dodge only adds dodge, which allows a set up of a multitude of things. Maybe it should have a 1 turn cooldown, so that it can’t be spammed. And it could have gashing wound, as it would likely work well with it not having a great bite, but still could bleed.

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Yeah, I’m thinking it could have a Wounding counter thay did something like 10% each turn for three turns. Basically it would stack multi-turn wounds for a death by a thousand cuts.

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That would be a very interesting play style

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What about:
Alliocanthus (pronounced Al-i-o-can-thus)

so like a Definite invincibility/ evasion or Immunity to Defense shattering/Armor piercing/ Nullification/ Removal of evasion

acro didnt come :sob:

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