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Potential Fast Theme update?


So I completed the Fast Theme rare incubator today and got these

Does this mean that a potential fast theme update is coming with Christmas Turkey in it? :0


I got some erliko aswell out mine so guess both are added to the week


Erliko being added is a huge bonus to this theme… lets hope it continues to when this theme comes up as event dinos.


Yh that just means more shots on pyro

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I got yoshi too. It’s good DNA since one of its components is arena exclusive


I stopped leveling my procera at 18 but I have enough to get it to the mid 20s, problem is Ive seen it in action and its a flash in the pan dino imho.


I still keep mine at lv11, not because it’s not useful but just afraid it may get a hybrid and get nerfed


I’m stopping mines at Lv 20 just incase it gets a unique.


Yeah the nerf for Christmas Turkey is inevitable, it’s one of the best epics in-game.


I got Erlikosaurus as well. Also, she’s a Christmas Ostrich not a Thanksgiving dinner. :joy:

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I just got a trophy filler and some gold chicken. Not much else.