Potential Hybrid 2

Another hybrid, with Epic rarity. I nicknamed it Ankylocotops. It is made with Ankylocodon and Arctops.
Move set:
Decelerating Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact
Armor Piercing Impact
Defensive Rampage
3700 Health
125 Speed
25% Armor
10% Critical Chance
Description: This armored Gorgonopsidae is surprisingly fast, allowing it to run down prey. Its armor allows it to ignore attacks from rivals fighting over territory.
Model: Arctops body with the red of it moved to its armored back and more of Ankylocodon’s colors on its body.
I know that this is similar to Inostranlocodon, but I didn’t see that posted until it came up under similar topics, so I didn’t know someone made something like this. I found out when I got to the description of this Hybrid concept. Thank you for reading this and please leave your thoughts in the comment section. Have a good day.

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