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Potential Issue with Spikes MOD

So I was doing a PvP match and it was down to my last creature against the opponents last creature. I was down to minimal health and the opponent had a spikes MOD on his last creature:

I end up doing an attack that kills him effectively beating his whole team they are all at zero health, however his spikes MOD activates after it goes through the animation of his creature dying and takes my last creature out and it says I was defeated :man_facepalming:t2:… is this working as intended? Should the player that kills all of the opponents players first lose the match if a MOD activates after the last kill move? Seems odd that this would cause me to lose. Has anyone else run into this before?


It didn’t kill me, but I encountered this setup several times during the recent Mods tournament. Victory was not declared until after I survived the Spikes counterattack

During the last tournament I had this very same scenario very nearly play out. Luckily I had enough health, but it left me wondering what would happen if the circumstances your experienced occurred. I am sorry for the misfortune, that is not cool. The other team was bested should count as a victory.

I never had this but I was wondering that it could happen with spikes.
I take the last opponent out and then he takes my last dino out with his spikes.
As result we are all ‘dead’. Now we know what happens in that case. This is not fair but it seems to be the way the system works.
You do not win if not at least one of your creatures survives a fight, no matter how.

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Though less likely, this same scenario could happen with Bleed.

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possibly, since it also takes affect after the end of your turn.

@Sionsith: at the least, thanks for letting us know. I haven’t personally been affected by this bug/feature, but I’ve been in enough fights where the enemy had Spikes or Bleed that I had to wonder, like @Andy_wan_kenobi and @Tommi, “What if we both kill each other with this hit?” Fortunately for me, it didn’t happen, but now I know I need to avoid getting killed by Spikes or Bleed, even after “victory.”