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Potential level cap increase?


I’m sure this is an idea that’s been run around the Ludia discussion table here and there, and though I wouldn’t imagine seeing it happening for quite a while, with Legendaries & Uniques being thrown into events to shoot at it begs that question: should we be anticipating an increase in level cap to our dinos? Would it be level 35 or even a major leap to 40? And if so, how long down the road do we expect this may take place?

Edit: Not that I’m asking for something like this to happen, but I’m bringing up legitimate concern/question to the matter


Question is how will decide evolve prices. For last levels prices to evolve dinos are really high, so with cap increase would probably be insane. If they lower coins requirements then it brings question of fairness as some players alredy evolved dinos to current max lvls.


perhaps some kind of system where each level up remains 250k coins, but you need an additional achievement to unlock it, which would get harder every level


I see this happening as well, and i agree with your point about legendary and unique dinos being made available during event weeks…

Looking at the leaderboard, we can see some of the very top players with either a team complete of lvl 30 dinos or a team of lvl 28-30 dinos… and looking at just those in the top 30-100? (Not sure as of now but my guess is past rank 30 the teams show lower leveled dinos at times).

While that is only a very small number of players compared to their whole playerbase, they do have to think of ways to keep the top tier players entertained… one way is with new powerful dinos for them to invest in, and also either adding something to the meta, or slightly changing it (please dont make drastic changes… lol just find ways to make tanks a bit more useful for example.) and another way is by indeed raising the level cap of dinos to something higher than 30… The issue we all have is that in the middle of that conversation we can definitely bring up the one problem that will always exist in any type of game, be it software based or in real life… cheaters… because they will easily keep having the new and high level dinos, while only making it even harder for the rest of the legit playerbase

Would us legit players prefer that they find a way to deal and eliminate the cheaters from competing or would we be satisfied with a raise in level cap and possibly new dinos and a slight change in meta?

In my mind, Ludia fixing or at least attempting to solve the cheating problem would interest us legit players a lot more before a raise in level cap of some sort…

What do you think, @Marktheshark ? You’re one of the top players who we know is LEGIT (hats off to you mate, you seem like a very good player and person.)

And what do you all think should be solved first as well?

A bit of a long post, but felt i would share a few thoughts :slight_smile:


Increasing user lvl first could be interesting then something on dinos, or both at the same time


An alternative to increasing a max level of dinos would be to just increase base stats of a dino. Lets say, if you fuse 1000 tryko dna after you reached level 30 on it, you get extra 25 damage or increase its health by 50 hp. The next upgrade would require 2000 fused dna and etc, and maybe put a cap on how many times you could level it. This way it will not be a game changer, but will make you just a little bit more powerful. The problem with increasing a level cap is that it will change the order of who goes first. Suddenly within 2-3 weeks of new changes we will see bunch of tainosaurus members with level 40s and another post from MarkTheShark on now leaderboard is even more unfair. With only base stat changes you will still have a shot to outspeed them and potentially win a match.


I do not think they will increase user level or Dino level.

User level is difficult now due to how much XP players have accumulated past hitting 20. Do they just add what has already been accumulated to the current level? Then you have instant level 31, 32, 35 or 40 level players. If they make everyone start from 20 and accumulate, you have a lot of angry users due to spending and leveling up everything already.

For Dino level, they could add more layers to them. The cost has an established pattern that is pretty linear. For example: Level 31 for a Common would be 100,000 DNA and 300,000 coins. I do not see it happening as the return on investment goes way down, it gets extremely expensive for those levels compared to what you gain.

So I see user level 20 and Creature level 30 as the max in the future.

Ludia will continue to add creatures and hybrids into the mix for users to create and level up. Some will be meh, but I see more being meta relevant. Speaking of meta, it will keep changing so the relevant creatures now, will be replaced with others. Some will remain top members for any team throughout the life of the game. But users will need to dart or battle for new relevant DNA. I do not watch the JP movies but I think they might add Dino not in them, such as another Rex hybrid so that Rex DNA can still be valuable even if users have a max level of all current hybrids. I do not see Ludia increasing DNA storage to help users accumulate more for when that time comes.

I can see them adding a new level of Hybrid at level 26 that would require components to be at level 25. That would keep users busy darting and leveling up Common, Rare and Epic. If you have a Common or Rare at level 20 with max DNA it would go to 25 with none to spare. I think you would have extra Epic though, not sure if I am remembering that table correctly or not. Forgive me if I am incorrect on that. A common DNA fuse for a level 25 hybrid might be 5000 or more DNA per. That creates lot of user time playing to create them!

They will also expand on the game mechanics to keep users interested. As we saw with Alliance missions, more alliance competitions will be added. We will also get more features rather than higher user or Dino level.

These are just the thoughts of a casual gamer. The hard-core gamers may see things differently.

EDIT: My bad. I was thinking of coin costs when I mentioned DNA for level 20 to 25. If you have a level 20 creature with max DNA it would be more than enough to get to level 25 and possibly have enough to create a possible future level 26 Hybrid, depending on that fuse cost.


Based on how long people/kids play before abandoning the game, I don’t see the need to increase where it is.

From what I am seeing in my alliance, a large portion of quitters don’t even make it out of the single digits with their dinos and don’t even get to player level 10. The next After this the second largest quitters stop playing after only getting their dinos to their mid teens which is player level 10 or 11.

I would say 80% or more of the people who start this game, quit, before even making it to player level 13. Getting unique’s takes a long time… way too long because most get bored of the grind when they are just starting to get to legenary’s.

They need to add more and different things to do to keep new players interest longer.


I am definitely concerned with all the experience that I’ve gained that isn’t being counted if the player level increases. It would put players like myself at a huge disadvantage unless it is tracking all that experience that I gained at level 20. It would be more fair to give the level 20 players credit for the experience they earned. We DID earn it… Period.


I hope not, otherwise many dedicated players (who play a lot but not constantly and don’t have a lot of funds to invest) would never get a chance to reach the LB or upper ranks. And I really don’t see the point of raising the player level, which in this game (as compared to Pokemon Go) really doesn’t mean that much. But given a choice, I’d prefer raising the player level (maybe to 30 as well).

P.S. When I reached 40 in PoGo I wanted the level cap raised… but after a while I saw the wisdom of not raising it. New players would never catch up!