Potential Mortem Buff/Rework

So just was chatting in Discord and I had a random thought to change Mortem. So here is the buff:
What do y’all think of it?


Very good!

Pretty balanced destoys magnus and hadros while still getting killed by its counters (which is basicly all cunnings)

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Bone shattering crunch could be 40% of the hp like rending attack, but otherwise i like the idea

Love that It got a speed buff too, no reason It should be slower than most resilients

I would only leave it in 108 speed the truth

With just 108 it’s still being naturally outsped by resilients such as Gemini and Max, there’s no reason Mortem shouldn’t be able to counter them both without boosts. Being faster than them is the only way It could do that.

That would be 90% of their health, so I could see that.

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I mean, not like they would live the second hit anyways :laughing:

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That’s the plan

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