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Potential Moveset For Refrenantom, The Dilophosaurus Boss

I think it would have something like Round 1
Instant Group Cunning Strike
Random Accelerated Rampage
Group Thwarting Impact

Round 2
Instant Group Distraction
Group Cunning Strike
Evasive Rampage
Random Venomous Impact

Round 3
Group Scratching Wound
Revenge Nullifying Impact
Group Cunning Rampage
Evasive Stance

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the strategy for something like would have diorajasaur and geminititan. Maybe toura and ardentismaxima as well

What’s the minions and stats?

I dont know yet, Im just taking a wild guess, maybe a gorgosaur and raptor? Because it makes sense for a dilophosaur to dot, distract and dodge

I don’t think raid minions can be reused in other raids, not entirely sure tho but I think every boss(other than epics) have different minions from one another

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enetelodon was used in gorgo and hadros, also carnotaurus is in indoraptor and smilonemys

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ceramagnus and stygidaryx have koola g2

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