Potential New Dragons

After returning to the Rise of Berk game after a few years of not playing, it was really cool to see some of the new dragons. Is there a potential to get some new dragons that we see in the TV series, like viggo’s skrill from Race to the Edge, or the Great Protector?

Another question that I had, regarding the Odins market, are the unique dragons that rotate through completely random, or are there dragons that will never enter the shop? I am collecting as many skrills as possible (hence the previous question about viggos skrill being potentially added to the game), and the lavender skrill is only available through a light fury search, and I was wondering if that would ever end up on odins market :slight_smile:


I believe very very rarely we will have Light Fury exclusives in Toothless searches or Collections. We did have a Premium Skrill search at one point too, so it may happen at some point.