Potential Options for Creature Variety in JWA

So, I’ve had thoughts on creature variety within JWA. This is just a fun thought exercise on what animals could be added, and maybe, how they could be incorporated! I’m not too keen on adding animals specifically for competetive purposes, but rather, just exploring the absolute bonkers world Earth was back then. Also, I do make silhouettes over on the Toolbox (if any of you know what that is), and have been asking around for what people want to be added to the list of non-added animals.


I think Ludia’s doing a great job by not only adding more relatively underground species and bringing them into the limelight (albeit sometimes to an overrated level thanks to the fanbase lol), but that doesn’t mean they can’t turn their heads to others as well!


I think a good starting point would be adding more non-hybrid dinosaurs, especially more commons and rares. They don’t even need to be for competetive purposes, just for simply finding and exploring new avenues in paleolife that many might not be aware of. Theropod families like megalosaurs, megaraptorans, noasaurs/elaphrosaurs, and even eumaniraptoriformes like alvarezsaurs. Also more ornithopod/hadrosaur types would be great to add on as well!


I think a slight issue I notice with younger dino-fans or just people in general is that they only ever know the dinos from the films, which a majority are carnivorous non-avian theropods and some ornithopods, and even fewer sauropods. This is why I think games like these are a great way to show people some of the more crazier sides of nature