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Potential update issue, pvp reward issue

Not sure if it is update related or not but, doing modded pvp Jurassic/ceno I landed on the Micro S-DNA pack and this is what happened, and then it froze the game, i had to reset out. When i came back I got the loyalty points but that was it.

Also just noticed that I can not even click on the info icon for that pack. If i click on the info icon for the pack it immediately boots me out of the game. Test repeated several times, same outcome.

(Edit) I confirmed the micro S-DNA pack info issue on a separate account. Same thing, if i click on the info icon of the pack itself it boots me out


A similar thing happened to me also, when I was collecting mod in the paddock, it automatically freezes and the stays like that .I waited quite a while thinking that it would unfreeze but nope. I had to restart the game

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That does seem odd, Subxero11. Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at this. If you haven’t already, please contact them at and include your support key. Thank you!