Potential Use of Sarcorixis in Raids

So I’ve seen what Sarco can do with his abilites, and I’m just wondering why its not used in any raids? The Immoblize targets the fastest, which is usually a minion, and the high damage output of Ferocious Impact along with Ready to Crush and/or Group Takedown would give it an absurd amount of damage to the boss. It also can easily use Resilient Strike over and over, along with its own immunity to deceleration helps it out. Plus it has a good bit of health and 25% armor. So why isn’t it used more? Just my thoughts. If you want to, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Shatering is and especialy group shatering is much more important then resilient abilitys, due to the fact most bosses have armor or shields and the lil super fast minion mostly gets taken out by a thor or something combined with GA of tuo the minion dies before it can do anything so the immobilise is not needed, especialy since the next fastest thing would usualy be the boss who is generaly immune to stuns. FI doesen’t help much since rixis doesen’t have any shatering abilitys for huge damage and dosen’t boost anyone else.

There are few group shattering creatures, and ones that have it in lower tiers aren’t usually very good. GA is currently on 2 dinos, a healer which really helps it out, and an Apex. Both of which are not available for lower raids. And while yes, Immobilize wouldn’t be good for the boss, it would mainly be for that fast minion, which usually isn’t immune to stuns. While Shattering, I agree, is more important, many bosses can be easily slowed down and speed up denied due to Resilient Strike. If step up correctly, while Sarco’s Ferocious Impact doesn’t affect the team, its still massive damage towards the boss, and usually, unless you have a slow Group Shattering (unlikely, due to how most Thor’s are boosted) it would likely be last or second to last, allowing its FI or other moves to do a good amount of damage.

I’ve never seen it as a raid option as it has no real tool to call it’s own, it can work in a pinch or if you need to carry someone, but that’s about it