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Poukaidei buff

Hp: 3,000
Attack: 1500
Speed: 131
Crit: 5%
Armor: 0%

Evasive Strike
Fearless Flap
Group Distracting Rampage
Instant Distraction

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I like the group Distracting Rampage. However, it would likely be unused for raids due to the minions dying on Round 1. Maybe Group Distracting Impact, and Distracting Rampage instead of Instant Distraction.

I would prefer if fearless flap was an impact move but it might be a little too powerful. Also I think its incredibly underrated


Fearless Flap is not underrated, just like Cautious Strike, Resilient removes everything on it. However, once a fierce non-cleansing creature comes in, its gonna be in pain.

Sorry I meant the eagle is underrated. But fearless flap has a 100% dodge chance so anything that can’t remove it suffers horribly.

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It doesn’t have a move with a multiplier, the meta mostly counters it, and it doesn’t have the speed of its parents. It rated properly, and the reviews say its not good, and needs buffs.