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Poukaidei For Mortem Rex Raids?

As you may know, Haast Eagle Gen 2 was a choice for lower level players to beat Mortem. However, Poukaidei Copies Haast G2’s Moveset, with added Instant Distraction. I have a feeling this one could help mid level players (like me) with the Mortem Raids… if Haast G2 could, who’s to say Poukaidei can’t?

What do you all think?

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The damage output is too low, but it will be viable, if you have friends with maxed or near-maxed creatures.

I mean it DOES say higher-than-average attack…

It only has 1x damage moves. Even if it had extreme damage it wouldn’t deal enough.

Yes, but it could still work with higher levels as you said.

what is he made of?

not sure if I need to stock up on Haast Gen 2

@SonicNTGD we did raid yesterday with Poukaidei, it worked well. Credit to the folks who ran it with Rare Haast first, we tried to use a similar strategy.


Well I know what I’m doing next Wednesday


No gen 1 haast

I believe Poukaidei could do very well against Mortem, but I haven’t seen it done since the 2.2 update. I’ve been looking. Does anyone have a guide I could use to pull this off?

Edit: I see the video posted above doesn’t even use a Thor, so it’ll probably work just as well. I just think there’s got to be a way that doesn’t need 2 single-target dinos big enough to one-shot the minions. Even if it needs a high-level Poukai, I’m sure there’s a way to make that happen