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Poukaidei is the Haast Eagle And Deinonychus Hybrid

I was really excited to hear of Haast eagle being added and as a playable creature and not just a statue, I really love creatures from the Oceania region and I bet this guy is going to look so cool in game, but if you all looked at the trailer we had a weird hybrid name, well I think I figured out what its ingredients will consist of:

Edit: Will probably be a hybrid of the Gen 1 Haast Eagle as it is an Epic![image|413x500]
I’m guessing this hybrids moves will consist of Evasive Strike, Pounce, Fearless Flap and Distraction, maybe distraction will be replaced by something like distracting strike though.


What’s a pouakai?

The Haast Eagle

I believe is like a man-eagle spirit or something like that, can’t really remember because I saw that on an old BBC documentary called “monsters we met”

Google said it’s a thinking trail in New Zealand

Probably named after the Haast Eagle, as it came from New Zealand

Well, I was close


I’m confused

The Maori people used to call the Haast Eagle the Pouakai

Why’s did they call it that?

Well before they spoke English, they would of spoken in their own language and back then they would of called it Pouakai

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Oh, okay. I get it

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Whoa, nice theory. I never would have thought about it. It’s interesting too, they never showed It’s hybrid for this update, so that means that it’s for a future one, pretty cool if true.


uhm Why its legendary?

Well it’s not a superhybrid and it’s a fusion of (possibly) an epic and common, we know that epic creatures don’t make epic hybrids(and anything below) and we know that there are (possibly) only 2 creatures used to create it, it will probably get a unique superhybrid with Arctops or something, maybe new that is easier to obtain.

Nice a flying raptor hybrid


Haast Eagle is, supposedly, filling a similar role to the raptor family (dromeosaurs,) so even as a legendary, I can see it filling a very niche role.