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Poukaidei is way to strong

So I was facing against Poukaidei not long ago and my team got wrecked by it. Level 22 full of boost and really fast. It’s really annoying. Ludia plz fix this.image


Well I’d say that’s more on you, what’s your team like?


Considering you have left in that cunning/fierce dino against it yep 100% going down. I would have been swapping that out straight away

Well, this is certainly a surprising thread isn’t it? Well, poukaidei isn’t that powerful, all it has are strike moves, and unless you have a full team of fierce and maybe cunnings then your probably going down against it, but it gets taken down easily be resilient moves which are everywhere at the moment. And if you had a full team of fierce bois although u have a good amount of resils in ur roster that’s just rng, but if everything on your team is fierce and cunning with few resils then it may be on u, and ludia certainly doesn’t need to rework or nerf her


She’s very good at what she does, which is take out fierce and some cunning creatures. she’s also very stunted by armor and resilient moves. If you have resils on your team of 8 and just didn’t happen to pull them for this particular match, then thats RNG. but if you don’t you might want to invest in a couple.
overall, she’s actually balanced.


It’s not op at all. Any resilient can destroy it. Try getting something like a mammothrium on your team. You won’t have to worry about Pouky again


Ok thank you I just had a really bad team

I need help with my team it’s full of fierce and fierce-resilient any good creatures I need to add to help fix my team.

can we take a look at your team? that can help

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yeha depends on what you have…dior(dark helmut) makes pretty quick work of birds trgo if you are talkign legendaries also good instant shield vulnerable heal if you need it…ardentmaxes little lefendary brother also good

Poukaidei is definitely fine, even boosted. People are boosting it because this hybrid counters perfectly Thoradolosaurus, thanks to its stun immunity and being able to distract opponent, or evade its attack every single turn. I would even suggest Ludia to replace “Reduced Damage” with Cunning Strike to make it able to reduce opponents crit chance, but it’s not the case here. If you have any problems with countering cunning creatures, try to invest more coins in good resillients that have decent superhybrid, such as rajakylosaurus or mammotherium.


Mammotherium is being handed out through raids and is probably the best resilient among the legendary creatures.

I don’t see any reason not to run it at the moment unless you have something better.

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I don’t think its that strong. Has no 2X move and it gets countered heavily by resilient moves. Its really good vs fierce but you can say the same thing for other creatures for example dio vs cunning creatures.

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Anky Gen2: perhaps I can be of assistance.

Seriously though any resilient should be able to beat it easily.

Sure I’ll send pictures of my team and creatures I have.

These are all my good and decent creatures.image image image it isn’t great but…

I mean yea pouk might be annoying but like if you have a resilient on your team then it should do the job. In fact do you have any resilients in your team?

Ok after seeing the team…yea you do need a resilient.

Ya you need a resilient

Yea. Try working towards something like ardentis