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as most of you know, poukai is haast’s eagle, which gets a hybrid in 2.1 (rather than in fact), people think it is the eagle of g1 (or g2) and its other component is “deinonychus” since "poukaidei “ends in” dei “but there is also another dino that starts with” dei “and I’m talking about” deinocheirus "it is also possible that it is the other component.

Regardless of its other component, what would its abilities, stats and resistances be? Will it be the fastest hybrid in the game at 132 speed (inherited from the epic eagle, which is the fastest spawn in the game)?

lots of information and unanswered questions …

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You seem to be very interested in this teased hybrid:

Yes i agree :joy:
I love haast eagle

It may be Deinocheirus, but I doubt it because he already has an unique. Deinonychus seems more probable.

Ah a featured raptor with huge wings. This thing is going to look worse than mammolania with either dei.