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When is the update Ludia? Perhaps this Dino is intended for raids only? As a big advocate for the underdog dinos, I desperately want poukan to be useable in the arenas. Comparing to its unique counterparts (no boosts), all but 3 of the 26 have a counter to distract. 1/3rd have resilient moves that nuke poukan making her a one turn Dino, since she also can’t resist slow.

She could almost fight against some cunning creatures but since her attack is worst of the 27 and she can still be distracted, she’s losing these matches as well.

I’m currently running poukaidei, to counter all the Thors, but you’ve cut the attack by 50% and made her susceptible to stun. Really?! What an upgrade.

Every Dino should have Opponents to crush and opponents that crush it. This Dino is one move and done with 2/3rds of the unique lineup, and maybe an even match with the rest.

Because hp and att boosts are by percentage, this Dino benefits the least from boosts.

Perhaps considering some resistances will be at least a good first step in fixing this Dino? 75% speed resist perhaps? And give the bird back it’s stun resist for Pete’s sake.

Apologies for bringing this up again, I missed the other threads when they were fresh, but I Needed to voice.

Side suggestion: get rid of all 100% resists, or most of them. Get more detailed…90% or 75%, etc.


Poukan sucks.
Tupan sucks.

Thank you. Good enough to test drive. Just need that boost reset to move from poukai.:smiley:
(Making a wish for some kind of slow resistance still)