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Poukandacthylus' speed nerf

I know some people have probably pointed this out already, and I would like to do it too. But unlike most of the community, I will do it calmly without insulting anyone. During the update the Poukandacthylus received, perhaps mistakenly, a nerf at its speed, drastically lowering it to 123. I said “mistakenly” because it is not said in Patch Notes. I don’t think this was noticed by many, as the Poukandacthylus is considered useless due to its abilities and stats. But if people want to complain, they have to do it for everything, not just what suits them (I mean that often people only complain if “strong” creatures are secretly nerfed, ignoring those considered “weak”).
I don’t expect Poukandacthylus’ spese to go back to normal, although I hope so since its speed is its strong point; I would like to know if it was intentional or not.

I hope this text will be read and thanks for your attention.

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The mods said it was an accident and they actually meant to reduce it to 127


I hope they will fix it soon

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So, it’s April first and the game got more content, but older content wasn’t fixed. I’m specifically talking about Poukadact’s speed. It shouldn’t be 123 so why has it not been fixed yet?