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Poukandactylus: anyone try using it with any luck?

I’m really curious about it but not looking for random opinions of people that merely glanced at it.

The thing does have super moves. Erlidom’s cloak only works 75% of the time to block damage. Poukand has two 100% cloaks, one of which distracts for 2 turns and does damage at the same time.

I just fear that the typical Thor can deal nearly half of the thing’s health on round 1 with both distraction and cloak and then stun the thing.

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Poukandactylus needs a lot of help. Bit of a dmg buff plus 100% immunity to stun, distraction and DoT would be a good start.


Was it in the tournament that you used it?

its honestly just not amazing right now, one of the worst uniques in the game, and it has a special event component! She’s in desperate need of a buff, she only has 2 damage moves, and their both strikes. She really needs a rework, poukaidei is prob better than it, i think idk just my opinion.
If I was a lower lvl player and if its my first unique then maybe I’d try and use her but she would get destroyed by resilients and others


No trust me poukaidei is better, it has amazingly high health for a cunning. Sure it does lack impacts and rampages but it’s dmg is pretty good. And since it can literaly choose which type of defence it would go for each turn it’s the killer of fierce

I used it in the legendary skill tournament it destroyed monometros(or at least got em in range of swap in or revenge god i hate em), tryos, alloraptors, allosinos and would do a decent job agains phora


Erlidominus has the advantage of sheer damage output rivaling that of any Fierce. Sans Ceramagnus, Diorajasaur, Mammolania, and to a lesser extent Trykosaurus, Erlidominus can put most Resilients and Fierce creatures in a very bad position, if it doesn’t outright take them down with a CRIT (and that’s not including the damage Cloaking adds).

Poukaidactylus could be a truly great Cunning, but it really needs some Resistance and damage upgrades.

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works well in the Ceramagnus raid

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Yeah, she’s pretty abysmal right now. Poukaidei is so much better, and tackles Thor incredibly well. Since Poukandactylus has no stun resistance, poor attack and atrocious HP, she fares extremely poorly.

She desperately needs a buff. The art department did a spectacular job with her, it’s a shame that she’s borderline unusable (I haven’t seen any in the arena since release).

I did use her when she first came out, but thanks to resilient moves, she falls to nearly everything.


Nice to see someone who actually tried to use it.

I gave it a really good try in the last tournament we could use uniques. Even when I faced Thor on even footing, I ended up missing more than a thousand health with my the cloak down after two rounds and Thor was still well over 60%. If Thor stood and fought Maybe I’d win if it fell for the instant distract ruse and used rampage round 3… That’s too many guesses and maybe.

Ludia using some obscure equation for balance will nerf stuff if they give the bird so much as 100 more attack. My best guess is maybe they’ll take away the raid capabilities and change the two group moves to single target moves.Then perhaps their equation could buff the poor thing. I am doubtful though, they tend to be too scared of counter-attack dinos.

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I feel like a lot have dinos have suffered because of the raid system. Lots of pointless nerfs and low damage dinos, all so that they don’t dominate the raid battles.

…Then along comes a sloth and beats them, anyway.

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Even tho it doesn’t have a 2x hit it is really annoying and my opponents have a hard time dealing with it.

Idk how it can be that annoying, maybe with fierce creatures and some cunnings, but it can be beat by anything with resilient moves, or superiority moves

Well I guess you have a point

In the tournament, even levels, Thor would just impact, stun, and then with my cloak down switch to a swap in damager.

I really want to like the thing since counter-attack dinos have almost no presence except for Tryko and Dio.

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I agree

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For PVP, absolutely don’t use it whatsoever, for she really needs a buff in health, it is ligit the only unique ever added into the game with 2k health. On top of that it needs its stun immunity back, idk why the devs keep thinking it’s a good idea to make the unique version of a creature worse.

I’ve only used it once or twice, the only thing it’s good at is taking on fierce creatures really well. But thats about it.

I can kind of understand the health issue because the thing is meant to survive solely by cloak and distraction.

Maybe if it had an On Escape ability there could be potential. No escape would be pointless since so many things resist it.