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Poukandactylus buff idea

Personally I love the design of the Poukandactylus. The moveset is Also quite cool, but I think it needs a buff rework- heres my idea.


Increase attack with 100

Increase health with 100


Side flag

Reduced damage

Fearless flap (impact) effects all opponents

Group distraction

Defenite defence shattering counter (passive)

Swap in ferocity


Stun resistance 100%

Reduced damage resistance 50%

Rending 75%

Swap prevention 75%

What do you think about this? Also give more suggestions! (:smile:

Keep it with all the same moves as it has now and stats but add swap in ferocity.


Making fearless flap 1.5 with a stat boost would be sufficient. +100 atk, +200 hp

I would remove the rend resistance and make the swap prevention 100%
Love the impact idea I was thinking of the same thing :joy:
For the swap in I would prefer swap in instant distraction but that might make it too op. I don’t think swop in ferocity as a concept works. Most creatures die before they even get their second attack off. @Adam_Flodin
One last thing I would keep the group instant distraction for raids mainly.

I was thinking that it would make sense since tupandactyulus has the Swap in ferocity, Also it would be a way to get a powerful counter swap-in kill


Could even have a swop in ferocity and dodge. Dont know what you would call the move.
Hope he gets another buff Screenshot_20210429-150158_JW Alive
So close to my first lv30

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Just got mine, I hope to level it up, sadly I have No Haast Eagle

Yeah we need an Eagle event badly.
Say this creature should be on par with tenoto since the Eagle is made from an epic exclusive whilst tenotos is a rare.

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It has two options imo: speed decrease immunity and more focus on ferocity and the counter attack, OR more of an evasion/distraction moveset with distraction immunity and more damage. Right now it’s between both which means it doesn’t do enough damage to beat fierce creatures and can’t do anything with low hp against resilient (counters don’t do much if you die in two turns)