Poukandactylus - the worst unique so far?

I mean, it doesn’t have any 1.5x attacks or 2x attacks - they’re all 1x! How can a FIERCE unique have only 1x attacks? And the attack power itself - it’s way too low for a ‘fierce’ creature.

It’s basic move is an upgrade, and it has a counter attack added. It loses resistance to stun (meaning it loses some of the counter’s usefulness) and loses one speed point (which the basic move can make up for, at least). It uses an exclusive epic (Haast) but these stats are awful.

I guess it might be useful in raids, but with the ID having a longer cooldown and with just weak attacks, I’m not sure if it’s really going to be better than some of the ingredients.

This one might as well be another cunning, an armor piercing counter just isn’t enough to render it as ‘fierce’.


It shouldn’t even be called fierce. The only fierce thing about it is the counter, and many non-fierce dinos have armor piercing attacks, even armor piercing counter itself!


Lol 1.14 monolorhino says hi


Those stats are ridiculous. I can understand why it has less attack. It has a counter now after all. But it should have more HP to make up for that. And there’s no reason to lose the stun resistance.


Dioraj, lux, sorna, and grypo would like a word

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I feel as though it needs either 1250 attack or full distraction immunity; right now it’s basically another Diplovenator just without the shattering counter. And Diplovenator is just a legendary with no exclusive (not that I believe that rule anymore, regardless of what they say).

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Obviously it doesn’t need to be THAT low, I was just saying comparatively. It still can do 2000 damage every turn. But it needs more HP to actually get something out of that.


Dear Lord, Yep That’s a High Alpha Unique Right there


Yeah distraction resistance would be nice to help it do it’s full damage.

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High alpha lol it be lucky to get that high

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Without a doubt it needs to be improved, I believe that there are common Resilients capable of defeating her, lol. I did my “Cautious” version.


First off, I do not understand why Poukaidei has distraction instead of pounce.
Poukandactylus should just have pounce or cautious impact or something. Or at the very least give it shields and ferocity like Tupandactylus has. Right now all it gained from Tupan are low health, slower speed, and a weak counter. Priority ferocious defense might be a cool move for Poukan, or maybe swap in ferocious defense.


The counter actually isn’t that bad, but the damage is so low that you basically need the counter at full strength to be good.

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I honestly think they just mock the community intentionally to have a good laugh at HQ.

Cannot find a logical explanation.

This bird is a frakking joke. The update and changes. Implementing short range spawns during Covid 19 times (complete lockdown in Germany f.e. combined with winter season ahead). Ignoring the problems in the entirely broken arena. Nerfing weak or solid creatures beyond oblivion while making broken creatures ridiculously strong.

They‘ve ruined the arena so badly that many only use it for the incubators and that‘s it. I drop every few days to get my incubators without wasting hours of being used as easy win for op teams for warm up.
Matchmaking in tournaments is also a desaster (lvl 20 teams vs max boosted lvl 30 dinos).

Then they keep implementing mammals in a dinosaur game. There are so many great dinosaurs and hybrids but nooooo…let‘s just frakking ignore our clients, our playerbase, our community. And keep spamming the mammal button.

They didn‘t buff creatures as we asked to create more diversity.

They didn‘t nerf broken creatures to balance them.

But they introduced more bosses and emojis. Yaaaaaaayyy…

Oh wait. They give us plenty of different Bosses on 4 days a week, but the spawns are so damn bad that 90% of the players need to ask for a lobby. What a super intelligent concept that is. Wow.

On top of that, they introduce such a frakking pathetic chick to show us that it‘s always possible to have a worse hybrid than Monomimus without nerfing…no instead they just roast it and rip it apart. And they dare to sell us the remains as a „fierce unique superhybrid“. LOL. This is just a farce.

@Ludia_Developers I know you guys simply ignore us but I won‘t give up. JWA is such a great and amazing game and it would be a tragedy to watch it die simply because the company seems to be completely clueless and incompetent.


I’m surprised it didn’t have a swap in move, considering that ‘fierce’ heritage.

One thing I do love about it is the design. It’s beautiful. Which makes it all the harder because I want her on my team but I know she’s gonna fall to everything.


It actually can do a lot. It can beat mags and goes 50/50 with maxima. It is better than entelolania I think. I’m currently working on more matchups

I think they overvalue counterattackers in their stat algorithm. Dio, Grypo, and purutaurus are really the only good counterattackers.

Poukan is right in line with Dsungaia, Tarkus, Majundaboa, and Megalosuchus all having awful stats.

Give it 3300-3500 HP and maybe 1100 attack and it’s on the right track. An impact move would be useful, but it’s really a bad stats issue first and foremost.


Both this and dracoceratosaurus need real stats and abilities

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What if it was reworked to something like this? I believe Poukandactylus would have more potential as a stalling counter-attacker if it had better stats and improved distracting/evasive abilities.


I was thinking something like this:


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