Pounce getting out of control


I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. I am just wondering why Pounce is so readily available when using Raptors. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been screwed over because someone uses pounce with their velociraptor, swaps the raptor out, and comes back to hit me with the same move as soon as they switch back. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have at least a 1 turn delay? Or at the least, have the raptor required to stay in battle for the cooldown?


When you swap out a dino it puts all abilities on their normal cooldowns, so a raptor will be able to use pounce again once it’s played.

It’s the current meta at the moment for all arena matches. So the only solution is to make sure you have dinos with you, which have high hp, which can soak the pounce and a strike, so you can drop it.

You get used to it after a while and you already expect a raptor swap out to happen as soon as they don’t instantly drop your dino.


Wait until you encounter L20++ bot accounts.
Pounce no pounce makes no difference.
Their mons have 3k - 5k life… :joy:


It could helps to know in which arena you are battleing, your level and a screen of your collected dinos, in order to give you a good advice on how counter this. Velo’s pounce is not the worst thing in the arena, you need to be flexible in your strategy, depending on what kind of opponent you are facing.


Lv 25 computers aren’t that much of a problem. But Lv 30 ones are, if you are not one of these heavy 5k Trophies guys.

But well, kinda my fault reaching Top 500 (3,6k and above) with Lv 15 average Team.


Dinos with high hp, decrease attacks abilities and attacks such as thagomizer, decelerating impact or slowing impact helps. Those last 3 will give you a double turn against raptors by making your speed faster than the raptor. Hope it helps.


Current swapping and pouncing meta is the reason why I haven’t played in the last couple weeks. This game is not a game of skill or outplaying, it’s a battle simulator of who has the better raptor. People always come and say “use counters”. But they don’t understand the poor game design here or why this meta is stupid.

Here’s how a battle goes:
You start with raptor counter (i.e steg), they start with raptor. They pounce, you thagomizer, they swap. Their dino kills yours, and then you bring out another and they sacrifice their dino and bring the raptor back out. Well guess what, you no longer have your raptor counter (it’s unlikely that you have 2 or 3 raptor counters in your random selection). And now their raptor tears you up with either pounce then strike to kill your next dino, or (if you have another raptor counter) repeating pounce swap sacrifice. The only way to beat it is to get lucky in random selection or have the better raptor.

Anyone who doesn’t see this issue, is either in denial or just literally doesn’t understand good game design and balancing. The only people not complaining are the ones who exploit it and pay to win players with level 20+ raptors. It’s silly to think that this meta is even reasonable from any standpoint.

I’m sitting at 3.3k in arena, and I refuse to play until theirs and update. I even have a good team against raptors (multiple tanks, lvl 17 irex, lvl 16 rajakalosaurus, high lvl stegocero…). It’s just seriously not fun doing battles. It is the same exact thing every time. The battles are so predictable. You know if you won or lost almost immediately. Battles are meant to require skill and actual tactics. This meta requires neither.

Either give raptors more health and make pounce a 2 move cooldown, reduce the pounce damage reduction, or change the swapping mechanic so that once a skill is used it should have to go through it’s cooldown regardless of a swap.

Poor game design. It’s simple as that. Anyone who thinks otherwise just simply doesn’t understand game design and game balancing. I’ve been a game developer and this is just inexcusable for a company with so much money and resources.


In my area you just occasionally find Raptors. Most of my enemies use almost only Legendaries/Uniques.


I have to disagree. This si my team

I am not a ViP, never been. Never paid “real” cash, just the bucks earned from the game.

I currently have 2595 trophies and having no problems with velo rather than other dinos. It all depends on which 4 creatures you and your opponent have in battle, strategy and always luck. As every other game / sport / anything.

Of course they can always do better. :+1:


Pounce is ok but 2 delays but 2.5 damage?


Maybe that if you upgrade your team a bit higher, you’ll get to Sorna marshes (Actually it’s 50/50 for lv20 Bots or normal players.)

Ps : Am i the only one who likes to play Spinotahraptor ?


I’m sorry, but that image shows an insanely unbalanced battle. Worse yet, you cannot “back peddle” / drop an arena level when you get into this situation. I completely understand this, as it prevents players from picking off lower level players … but Ludia should follow its own example. It’s simply unacceptable that an AI comes in this unbalanced against an opponent. The number of ways this could be fixed with a simple team building algorythm makes this very non-professional on the developer’s part.


No, the computers play Spinotahraptor a lot (and those loose usually even when overleveled).


@hopper1313 You keep saying about no-one understanding game balancing and all that if they disagree with you but you do realise that the chances of you have a raptor counter in your team are the same as the chance of your opponent having a raptor in theirs. Claiming to be a developer then missing the point you actually stated is just not cool man. Raptors are OP but there are loads of ways to counter them. Armor, high hp, slowing attacks, etc. I’ve beat plenty of raptors with my euoplocephalus alone. Not to mention some of my other dinos. Sorry dude but only other thing I can say is get better at the game.


I think I need time to currently level up majungasuco at least at level 13. I have a lot of majungasauro but I invested all nundasuco I had to level up my einasuco :sweat_smile: Now that I have today both einasuco and stegoceratopo ready to level up (having coins XD ) I will focus on my next target.

See you at Sorna ! :relaxed::+1:


I am always happy to receive hints on how to improve my team :relaxed: I think this in now the best I can do because my intent is to slowly climb the arena, not to go back to the previous ones.
Of course most depends also of my previous strategy (going back, I will not spend that much coins to fuse and evolve sucotator) and lucky to find or not to find the right dino. Just to answer the @Bapt5918 's ps, I don’t have Spinotahraptor in my team, just because I don’t hunt at night so all my utharaptor’s dna comes from the incubators, and spinosauro usually don’t spawn in my biome :sob:


I’ve mentioned it in other places, but the ‘Pounce’ move is OP and to fix it it simply needs a +1 delay (simples). How many other dinosaurs can do a ‘nerf’ and x2 damage from the off…? That’ll be just the raptors then. What’s most open to abuse? Spamming ‘Pounce’ (and pounce-switch-pounce) it’s lazy, it’s trollish, it’s imbalanced, it’s a big pile of dino do-do and it needs to be changed.


Spot on m8, spot on! I hear you, just hope the #devs do too.