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Pounce Global has one vacant spot

International Alliance Pounce Global removed a couple of inactive players earlier today and currently has one spot to fill. Pounce Global is currently a 5/4 Alliance regarding Weekly Missions. It is an international Alliance with many players from Europe, Canada , and the United States. If you are an active player who enjoys to chat with other members of your Alliance, Pounce Global would be very interested in you.

Me, my wife and our son joined Pounce Global about two months ago, and it really is a friendly and productive alliance.

Ideally we would love to have someone join us who likes to chat a bit too as certain missions may need a bit of coordination.

It has to be said that we are a no pressure alliance though. Everyone does what they feel happy with. Some of us do loads, others not so much but it works!

Message on the thread to see if joining us is mutually agreeable :smile:

Anyone awesome willing to give it a shot? I got lots of lame jokes to entertain you (when chat is working).