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Pounce Global is recruiting now

Hello DPG people,

Our alliance currently has 4 spots open and we would love to fill those spots up.
We’re a super friendly bunch (yes, even me) of all ages, a casual alliance with practically no rules. Yet we are all very active and try to achieve at least rank 8/9 weekly rewards and tier 9 tournament rewards.

We are a member of ARK and can offer 3 level 20 sanctuaries, and you can vote for your favorite 3 dinos to be present in them.

We have Discord and have multiple raids every weekday, there is enough people available to help out throughout the whole day. We got numerous strategies for low level or high level creatures to help out.
We are mostly North Americans and a whole bunch of Brits and other Europeans, so there’s always someone awake. Some of us are top 500, some are top 500.000.

What we would ask of you is to be preferably somewhat social (saying hi every week will do, but preferably more), play practically every day and definitely do your 10 takedowns every weekend tournament. Some English skills would be beneficial.
You don’t need to be level 20, as long as you are active. You don’t need to battle or dart, but if you want higher weekly rewards it would be beneficial if you do. Totally up to you!

If you’re interested, send your 15 page resume a message to me or @BigKinR and we’ll get back to you in no time!