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Pounce Global is Recruiting

Pounce Global is a casual international alliance. We are a member of the Indo ARK & do Shared L20 sanctuaries with other Alliances. Last weekend we finished 82nd in the Alliance Championship tournament. Pounce Global has one basic rule : Do NOT place any dinosaurs in a Shared Sanctuary without permission from the Leader. About 30 to 35 of our members are on Discord but it is not required. We currently have 6 open spots in the Alliance. We would prefer new members who enjoy participating in the Alliance Championship & usually get their 10 takedowns. Our current members are eager to join in Raids on Monday - Thursday. We would prefer players who have over 4000 trophies & enjoy socializing & making new friends. If you are interested, please contact me here or on Discord at BigKinR #4030.