Pounce suggestion


I think the common velociraptor pounce should be given a 2 turn cooldown instead of just one. It seems more balanced.


No… the velociraptor is already tricky to use in battle.
This 2 turn cooldown would make it useless :slight_smile:


I think it needs some form of rework in order to curb the persistent spam. The issue is the dinosaur being too good, not useless.


It already got nerfed, and many creatures got Superiority. Learn to deal with it, cause it probably won’t change again, nor does it really need to. There’s plenty of counters out there.


The Raptor would be utterly pointless with a 2 turn cooldown. I was never in favour of the original nerf because the Raptor is a glass cannon. It still is really and any further attempt to reduce again will ensure that no one bothers except to get the Indominus and Indoraptor for their collection.


Agreed. The raptor is fine the way it is. They can be countered pretty easily even if sometimes they happen to be played just right and cause massive damage.