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Power balancing is getting ridiculous!


I know the power balancing has been a problem for awhile, but I can’t finish this level past the second stage because the dragons are more powerful than it says and I’m at 1500 more power! Absolutely unbelievable! It was fine as it was, why the heck did you change it Ludia??


Exactly. I have the same problem. In last events I was be able to clear whole event to stage 9. 10 was too much. But now, I am not be able to pass trough the 8 level! You’re right, it was fine as it was! :angry::angry:


same here like Denis, stuck on 8 … normally able to finish 9

enemy dragons are overpowered, regarding last events


Guys, it’s pretty simple. I’d say they were trying to balance the per-wave power to the laughable “team power”, which is a meaningless number for both your or enemy team, but they had some level or two with 5 dragons of 500+ power and that was below “2500 enemy team”. So clearly their maths are still off.

The OP just has a terrible team with two worthless dragons, two sub-par dragons and an Anveil, which is probably the sole reason he got where he is now. And he probably can’t click on enemy dragons to see what they are doing and\or optimize the flow of battle to minimize Knock-Rocket casts. Or he keeps getting 2 Knock-Rockets wave 1 and they just raw-dock him.

Either way, it all comes down to how the game balances attack and defense. In layman’s terms - ~200 power difference is about as good as it gets for “normal” players. So a 500 dragon can beat a 700 power dragon if the team is golden. But anything beyond that - and your dragon wouldn’t even survive enough raw hits to charge up his saving ability. For OP - that’s not the case. He’s simply getting snowballed by tactical enemy dragons that his team can’t deal with.
But for those, who “could do level 9 and now can’t” - it’s quite simple, really. There was… Lightfury event, I think, about a month ago, it was 2nd LF event, back when I was on Discord raging about things. Well, that level 9 had ~900 power dragons, and their AoE damage was enough to tilt even me sometimes. But now that even level 4 quests have 1000-1100 dragons - players with 750-950 dragons just get their exhausts ripped more often than not.

See, if you have, say, 300 attack on a 900 dragon, and there are 3 dragons of neutral color:
-700 power, 200 defense, 1000 hp, you hit him for ~70 damage per tile
-900 power, 300 defense, 1500 hp, you hit him for ~50 damage per tile
-1100 power, 400 defense, 2000 hp, you hit him for ~40 damage per tile

See how the stats scale? Enemies have more health and take less damage by default. And, it’s the opposite for you - the higher an enemy is, the more likely you are to be sniped or even critted. 3-4 hits and your dragon is down, and that’s not counting crits or counter-color damage.

Frankly, level 8 is quite doable, you just have to be sort of lucky with bugged top-row dragons and runes. And, of course, you need answers for Gloomleer, because that’s much worse than the Troll-Rocket. The enemy power is ~1100, and that’s about as much as RNG allows.

Level 9 is impossible simply because it’s basically what level 10 was, just minus the 5th dragon. That’s 1300+ dragons. It’s pointless to try it unless your entire team is 1000+ AND optimal.

Not a big deal, really. Just less trust per event. I was saying it and I will repeat it - devs DO NOT WANT to make your game easier. All they do is try to package it more conveniently. I’ll give it to them - more fruitful runs without restarts are more welcome than the old ~60 energy every 12 hours. And they’ve given us many other quests to spend energy on. But the trust\event ratio remains the same as it was for the first Lightfury event. This is what you must remember, not how you can or can not do a particular level.

I’m much more concerned about taking away the first free reset. What the duck, devs? Are you outta your damn mind? Two days of cheaters basically trolling the hell out of your event, and now legit players can’t even reset a MORE DIFFICULT event for free once? Okay, I think only Tesla has worse PR management…

Anyway, 5 resets worth of 70 trust is 350… That’s 3 events to get one dragon, outrageous… but predictable. 60, for those who can’t beat level 8, and that’s up to 4 events. Both of us have to use at least one reset per event, you guys to catch up the last 100 points, me - to even out. Now, if that was Toothless or Meatlug, I’d reset the thing 2-3 times to ensure 8x70=560 trust, or two events to get a dragon, because that one is worth it. But CJ? That’s 1 reset at best. I’d sooner keep my Brute-Wurst. Them devs should really add more healbots. Right now it’s basically Brute or Sparguard. Fendmender doesn’t survive long enough to charge and Fireshrike is a joke. Sparguard too is a weaker version of Brute, but at least he scales up to 5-star.


I sort of agree with wix here. Your team of dragons blow. Now I have no idea what level I’m on, but enemy dragons are scaled so high I struggle to beat :star: one star dragons.


Good lord, what the hell? That’s not even Highlands, I didn’t know legit players got that far. How many times do you revive per story node?

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@Wirxaw but the recent events were good balanced. Why they do that? It was good as it was. Why they changed it? I know you don’t know the answer, but I am curious.:thinking::thinking:


As we grow stronger they will likely rebalanace things


Aah Ludia why you do that?:weary::fearful:


I rarely revive. Once or twice per “land” or “kingdom.”

I just keep trying the level over and over again. I use runes for leveling up my dragons that way I can keep moving through the lands, but then I hit a roadblock like this level. I’ve prolly ran it like 20x already. Rarely make it past round 1 of 3.


As I explained in another thread - old events used to happen once or twice a month. Now with all the new original dragons - they seem to want to make it almost a weekly event. Or like once in 10 days or so. Obviously with the increased frequency of events - they don’t want people to just get ALL the rewards… and that’s 3 copies of a chosen dragon - within like couple of months. At 6-12 months is a fair stretch. Sort of fair. Or, well, 2-3 months for at least the first copy.


This team is all I can manage at the moment. I don’t have a ton of money to spend so I’m aware my team is awful. What would you suggest I have as a better team?


Seconded. I’m sure there’s a couple in my team I can change out.


Yes I agree I can’t beat that level either and I have 4000+ power

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Yes same. I’m just stuck at the same level even though I am stronger;-;.

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Ya it sucks


The only dragon color that isn’t balanced for me is my yellow dragons. I am able to do all except 1 of the quests without having to use runes, but then again, quest 10/10 I only have to use 100 runes to win. it’s fairly easy.

level 10 cloudjumper