Power CREEP!

Remember when GamePress tried to help out a hopelessly tired, frustrated player base with that article about power creep?

Seems like all it did was make Ludia even more determined to power creep even the most determined players out of relevance in this game.

They unleashed 2 insane Apexes so OP they had to rebalance the old Apexes to help from creating a whole new tier.

And remember the class system? Throw that out the window. We now have Fierce flocks. Just add another broken metric to the arena to go along with the invincible tanks with armor piercing counters, distraction and swap immunity. There’s no clear balance (or clear vision) at all. It’s all a mess.

Want to crack the Top 100? Not possible. That group pay to level these new OP monsters to 30 within weeks of updates. Then they destroy the lower portion of Shores players who have spent months creating their own, hopelessly inadequate, power-crept rosters. By the time the lower Shores players have built today’s beasts, there will already be newer, shinier counters only the Top100 have maxed to beat them.

I get it. The game needs to make money. But this pace is unsustainable and is creating serious burn out in the 3-4 year veteran player base. What good will the Top100 be when there aren’t any competitive players left for them to outspend?


You’re wrong there. It’s not weeks, it’s days, LOL

It’s good to highlight that it’s not the paying players’ fault. If anything, they are the ones who help this game keep going the most… But yeah, it sucks how that pattern works. And I don’t see anyway around it. That’s why I am semi-retired from the arena. Just keeping myself around lower to mid-Gyro. Tired of grinding to build a team and going to the Shore just to get my behind kicked back down every time some new OP meta creatures arrive. Now I only focus on tournaments, occasional raids and completing the missions for my alliance.


Yeah. Totaly agree.


Agreed. Maybe I should strip my team down and move to an arena where there are mostly Lvl21 Dino’s…

Maybe then, I can get a taste of what it’s like when you can simply use newer Dino’s instead of skill to win matches easily?

Can imagine there are less RNG hackers down there as well.

First off all, it was never said that; when they were introduced; that flocks could only be Cunning if they weren’t hybrids like Dodocevia or Ardontognathus. And secondly, there are only 53 Fierce among 89 Resilient and 74 Cunning, not counting dual and wildcard classes. The likes of Wildcards in-name only have always been a bigger symptom of this power creep than a yet to exist in-game Fierce flock ever could be. If anything, that would be a welcome change of pace.


Within days, my friend. :rofl:
But top 100 is still quite f2p achievable, to be fair. You sometimes only need to be right about what to invest in. If you have a hunch on the key creature that will make your team competitive, go for it and keep your team balanced and with good synergy.


I agree, not all top 100 are whales paying a lot. There’s some people who play 24/7 everyday, hard grinding sanc and all that sorts. Don’t assume everyone high up is a whale.

Top 100 is f2p achievable. Have 62nd highscore. Had Trebax in team, when I climbed up there, with half boosted Anky Lux. Using raid speed Mortem (124). Still dont have Arctovasilas created and will likely never see my team. Refernanthem helped climbing a lot.

Currently using half boosted Hydra Boa (will boost it and Anky Lux) after AC ends.

Its true, that I dont care about advantage tournaments anymore, since lots of players have fully boosted teams and you cant get into top 500 without boosts. Instead I’m lvling uniques to 30. Only 5 left to finish.

But to keep focus on the topic, yes. This game follows a extreme power creep strategy. Extremely fast in time and extremely strong power creep (and extremely expensive in real currency). There’s little room for balance or out of meta creatures.

Even if I defend that top 100 is possible as f2p. it’s not possible to stay top 100 several seasons in a row. You need to catch the crest of the wave and let it drive you as far as possible, which is usualy not far enough. Meta changes so fast that your succesful team will become obsolete in 3-4 months.

Even many hardcore spenders have dropped to lower positions as soon as they reduced their spending. Took them many months and thousands of real currency to catch up to top 20 positions…


That’s fair.

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I’d really like to meet a player who has achieved Top 100 at the end of a season who never paid a penny for VIP or boosts. Maybe in the early days, but there’s no way this could happen at the current pace imo.


Now at least 6-8 months into the whirlwind power creep strategy Ludia/Jam City unleashed on JWA, and I wonder if even the whales are happy. The top 2 players in the game have SPENT their way to DOUBLE the trophies of other TOP 10 PLAYERS in the game.

Want to challenge for #1? Impossible. This cash-grab era of the game is more unbalanced than ever. Even the paying players can’t keep up with those willing to spend thousands on the latest broken OP Dino’s with “event exclusive” ingredients hiding behind paywalls (or months of FIP).

At this point, the best option for PVP is to fall back to an arena where you can win with unboosted Lvl21-26 Dino’s and have fun trying out the shiny new Dino’s every month. It is IMPOSSIBLE to build a boosted 30 (even as a VIP member) in time to use it in Shores before it has been power-crept by the latest update.

To make matters worse, skill has been undercut by RNG. The current skill in PVP is equitable to playing Candyland. If you draw an unfortunate low-percentage crit, stun, swap prevent, or a dodge/cloak that doesn’t block, better luck next time. Thankfully for the whales, the newest Dino’s seem to overcome the odds more often than not.

Here’s to hoping GamePress’s latest letter to Ludia/Jam City doesn’t get ignored like the last one. They do a great job representing the voice of the player base in this game. Many of us are NOT happy right now.


no, they really are that much better at pushing a button than everyone else in shores that all the others players would need to win 700 games in a row to equal their greatness.


I’ve been playing the game since the release and I say the latest ‘patch’ was the worst so far. This is the worst era of the game…

If the next update is going to be something like the previous was, I’m thinking about getting out of the game.


Agreed. Worst era of the game in my time playing as well. If it weren’t for the friendships we’ve created with Alliance members on Discord, many of the long term-player base in my alliance would be gone by now.


I am curious why you think this patch/update is the worst by far?
My thoughts, are it feels like the game developers have demonstrated that they will release creatures constantly, that make any DNA purchase foolish because the next update will make everything just purchased obsolete and useless. Yet to be competitive you have to buy “Special” DNA and everything you hunt for is now near worthless DNA.

It is for me bc:

  1. The Release Notes lied about Rodrigo being huntable. It marks at least the third update in a row with OP new Dino’s, none of which have fully huntable ingredients. Players can’t keep up without paying thousands; even the whales in the Top10 have been doubled up in trophies by the Top2 spenders.

  2. RNG continues to get worse as these new OP Dino’s are designed around it. It has made strong endgame options from 2-3 months ago worthless. (For instance, how many players even have Bear at 30 yet and it is falling off the top teams).

  3. No boost tokens last month despite the introduction of even more meta-changing new Dino’s is a continuation of the same “bait-and-switch” dirty business tactic Ludia seems to favor now.

  4. Bugs and significant map lag are worse than they have ever been.

The tone set by 2.16 seems more important than the update that brought us Raids. Ludia was about to lose a huge portion of the paying player base at that point, but raids created a new sense of community within alliances that saved the game. We will see what 2.16 delivers…