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Power Dinos - Tier 8/9 Alliance looking for a few new members

Hey everyone, we are Power Dinos, and we have lost a few long-term members recently and looking to get back to our previous prowess! We are open to any 3500+ applicants who would be willing to join our discord and take part in all tournaments.
We offer:

  • Tier 8 in 4 week
  • Tier 9 in 5 week
  • Tier 8/9 in Weekly Incubators
  • 2/3 level 20 sancs
  • Our own discord server and raid community - (A few apex carry strats too!)
  • Generous donations (including epics)

If you are interested please contact me on Discord via fbwilson16#8432 :slight_smile:

It is a very good alliance with very helpful members and you can progress a lot with their help