Power of monomimus



a legendary hybrid needs gallimimus and mono
to make.

it’s stats are not so great, but it’s strong.

first, it’s the fastest immunity creature in game
and faster than few other raptors.

and it can be a good indoraptor counter cause
it has nullifying impact/strike to remove
evasive stance.

also it has distracting impact to reduce damage,
(but I think distracting ramp is better)

and last, it has evasive stance to dodge the
direct hit.

well, I fought against level 22 stegodeus as
level 16 monomimus…
and I bet that slow ass.

If you’re lucky, this creature can be much more
stronger than you think.

and your opponent?
they need to start praying for miracle.

just make it,
and have fun.


Umm…you really need to be very lucky, or that Stegodeus could easily take down your lv16 Monomimus.

Just keep use Superiority Strike, and wait until you use District Impact, that Stegodeus could select 2x Rampage and give you a big damage.
That dodge skill could give you 3 turn RNG, but it will be really difficult to end Stegodeus in 3~4 turn with that damage output.


She is my baby and I love talking about her, she is very underrated but she can tank most hits then most immune dinos better then Tyrostronix. Don’t sleep on Mono


You be surprise when I first got her I faced a level 21 stego and the person played stego shield wrong and luck with evasive stance.


My monominus’s evasive stance works less than half the time. Indominus can kill me in 1 shot and stegodeus may taje 3 or 4 (but they have no problem taking the hits). The Dino is good but to be as good as u claimed everything have to go right for it.


Monomimus is alright, but it has extremely low health, and dies after two hits. I don’t remember the last time I lost a match to a monomimus. Too much gambling with that evasive, and many dinos can superiority strike the distracting impact.


or just get nullified yourself and get pissed on since if he is nullified out of evasion monomimus dies off pretty quickly


@Heather Look, a whole Monomimus thread! Please don’t be jealous :sweat_smile:


I hate going against these. They seem to dodge way more than 50 percent of the time. Ive lost many a battle to it.


Odd, I thought the opposite… it fails more than 50% of the time. RNG :roll_eyes:


How’d you get so much epic mono DNA?


maybe that person is in local 3 zone
or just a good luck, I guess.


Strike Incubators and Plus the week event dinos got me that amount. Just a problem is now they nerfed the dna you input into legendary and up :confused:


The lynch mob probably think we are cheaters just bec we have one :open_mouth:


awesome when it works and frustrating when it doesnt.


I still don’t have enough dna. :joy:


No worries cause the strike specific lute should have a few gillamimus


I understand that this is not the norm, but when the RNG works in your favor…


thats just bea u tifull