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Power players incubator


Does anyone know what the DNA options are in the power players epic incubator that was just released today?


I opened all of them and it seemed to be kentro and koola as the epic dinos.


Thats exactly what I got when I opened one! I love Kentro but wasn’t super excited about Koola haha

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Yeahh the koola wasnt wanted! Needed alittle kentro to unlock tryko so im happy :grin:

Merry Christmas!

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Did u open race to victory?


No I havent. Think you’d be better off with the other incubators. To my knowledge race to victory is all the raptors so I wouldnt touch it with a long stick lol


My 6 year old accidentally got me one. Down 5k cash :frowning: dont suppose theres a way to return it since it was obviously opened…

I didnt need kentro :frowning:

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Send that kentro my way Wroth! Il send you some koola back :joy:

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: here ya go!!


You can have all of this for that kentro :joy::grimacing:

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It’s better to buy 4 epic scent, go to a first zone at daytime and use them. It will give you approximately 16 epics, that’s much more then inside this incubator.


Last 2 epic scents I got 3 epics total and 2 were birds. Yes it was while walking in an offleash dog park


Merry Christmas to you too!!!

And yeah the race to victory epics are Blue and Pyroraptor, I don’t need them… I need velociraptor DNA to keep fusing IndoRaptor but didn’t want to buy that just to get it!


Maybe it’s a pet peeve but shouldn’t they tell you, somewhere IN the game, what it is you’re buying? Why put the onus on the player to go find a legit source to get an idea? (I get most of us here know about Metahub, but what percentage of total player base does?) Sure, some are pretty obvious, but this one not so much. I guess it just seems like when people are committing actually (in-game) money, they should at least have some idea what they’re getting. /rant

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