Power-Up! Gold Strike Event


10 battle slog but 4 incubators; some serious coinage - 16000+ in the final one (reckon 30,000 at least in total); so so DNA until the last 2 with two doses of Barronyx which gives me enough to level up to 15 and start fusing hybrids :smiley::smiley::smiley:


To make the slog a bit more interesting I engage in a little contest I have entitled β€œGet your crits out!”. Finish all battles with T-Rex only; only lost her twice in battles 7 and 10 and the next one in delivered the killing blow. You have to love the old girl :slight_smile:


Did it before challenge with a v raptor. Lucky to have it next to house didn’t need to leave.

Nearest I get to a spoofers life.