Power Up! Incubator


Just wanted feedback from other players.

I bought both power Up incubators. They have a picture of Baryonyx… what kind of Epic DNA would you think you are getting?

10,000 for each incubator and I received ZERO Baryonyx DNA. Would you consider this a deceptive business practice by Ludia?


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I bought both as well and was really disappointed with the first one, no bary at all. Second one had some good ones including the featured guy. All in all definately not worth the money though. I think incubators are something that needs reworking by ludia including battle awards. I spent money and worked super hard to get to Sorna thinking t rex DNA, but no, not ever have I seen mr t, just little stygi. It is too much of a gamble for sure and shouldn’t be when we spend the big bucks. Take care.


Never buy them it’s pretty much false advertising if the pic of the Dino isn’t in the incubator.

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Never buy incubators! They’re not worth it

Here comes another one… Up to now hasn’t anyone sued them for deluding their customers? As much as I found out, they are extremely intelligent as in voiding legal liabilities, but if all of them who fell victim(which I assume is a lot) stand up at once, Ludia will possibly be forced to change its current action regardless(stop foxy advertising is not something too much to ask for)


I feel sorry for you…but dont you ever read the posts on thus forum? Its all over the forum that you should never spend cash in this game, especially on incubators because they are not worthed and you will only be disappointed…i hope for you that this is a lessons learned. You can do much more satisfying and better things with the money instead of spending it on this game. Cheers

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Thanks for all the feedback Ludia responded to my complaint by saying that unless a specific Dinosaur is “Guaranteed” there are basically no guarantees except for a guaranteed minimum amount of DNA that can be assigned to any dinosaur they want.

Bottom line I’m a business owner I’ve already spent thousands on this game and Ludia is deceptive in the way the present their product. They show a featured dinosaur then don’t give DNA for it? Are they trying to get sued? Do they need someone like me to get my attorneys involved? To start a class action law suite for deceptive advertising of a product?

Have you ever seen a product with a picture on it… then open it to find out that’s not what they are selling? False advertising deserves to be made public. And I’ve given Ludia an opportunity to make things right we will see what they do… so far they have only given me a poor explanation on why their product doesn’t have to have DNA for the dinosaur they show on the incubator… unless they say it’s “guaranteed “ I’m not expecting anything but more excuses.

How many people here have been ripped off by Ludia?


Maybe they should add “serving suggestion” as the image on the packaging doesn’t represent the actual contents… :smirk:


There’s already whole other threads about this. Last one from recently is:

But really, how do you claim false advertising since it shows a potential prize out of what’s really a gatcha box, when it clearly shows what you’re guaranteed to get out of the incubator, and not one specific dinosaur is listed on the page showing that before you buy it? Were you also upset you didn’t get any Kaprosuchus since that’s on the splash screen before clicking it if you didn’t get any? Its the same as any other game that has mystery boxes that show an image of a potential prize.

It really sounds like you bought something without reading specifically what you would definitely get, made the assumption that you’d get something specific that you wanted, and are upset because you didn’t get it even though it nowhere makes the claim that you’ll get what you want out of it.

I also seriously doubt any lawyer worth his salt is going to take the chance to make a case of this seriously.

The picture on the box is not a gurantee. It’s the same as any of the trading cards. Just because there’s a image on the front, doesn’t guarantee it.

Yep you are right. It’s much easier to reverse the transaction and no longer support their deceptive business practices.

I’ve spent thousands on this game. This is the 1st time I’ve received ZERO DNA for the featured dinosaur on the incubator. I just won’t buy incubators.


A little humor on a Monday morning (5:30 am) we don’t get a free child that is on the box of Life cereal thank goodness!

What do you expect to get from those Pokemon TCG booster packs?

Would you sue them if the left one didn’t contain any Venusaur cards?

I don’t know that trading cards would be a good example only because of the price difference. Incubators are really expensive and the featured creature should be included, simply put. Worth the hassle to sue over, I don’t agree, but bringing the subject up so it is known to a business that is letting their customers down is worth it.

You pay about 3€ for a single booster with 10 random cards (~15min to 3h Incubator?)

For a big pack of 36 boosters you pay 100€ (~Epic to Premium Incubator?)


Just to be clear, i never bought any Incubators and never will. I just bought some small lvl-up offers. But i think one should inform themselves before buying something for about 50€.

Ouch, didn’t realize how expensive the cards are. I have bought incubators in the past because of how rural I live and never had it happen where the the featured guy wasn’t included, even if it was only a minimal amount.

Sorry this happened to you and that it made you feel badly cheated, but it seems odd that after spending thousands in game you’re just now figuring out that the pictures on the incubators aren’t the same as guaranteed DNA from a specific dinosaur. I don’t even buy them yet I know that’s how it works. Not saying it isn’t questionable to put the picture on it but come on, man. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

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you cant compare a dang $5 pack of cards to a $70 incubator

I don’t. I compare a 100€ pack of cards with a 50€ Incubator