Power Up! Incubator

Mikey won’t eat it he hates everything!

Just to power a dinosaur from Level 29 to 30 is 250,000 coins $49.99. This is an easy game to spend money on. And I do enjoy it.

Special Incubators have always had DNA of the featured dinosaur I’ve bought many.

This was 20,000 in-game cash that’s a lot of money to spend. What is the point of featuring a dinosaur on and Incubator if you have no intention of putting DNA in that Incubator for that dinosaur?

And Ludia could care less.

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Barry was in there. You just forgot to stand on one leg and pat your head when you opened it :grin:

Michael Jordan was on the wrapping of every pack of cards I bought as a kid but wasn’t in every pack.

For everyone defending Ludia in this situation,
Take for instance:

Orders a Ferrari online, but gets a replica (or even worse: a 1:12 scale die cast hot wheels model :scream:)


i feel bad for the people not on this forum that are not warned. “a sucker is born everyday” and to me this is definately a ploy to get them to buy. they could always just put text on the incubators, like “cunning creatures”.

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Mass produced packages are like apples, a graphic ad is an orange. Those of us that are far from ftp have been bitten more than once by our purchases, and this scenario was an extreme example. Thankful today is a new day and moving on now. :slight_smile:

Ludia will do anything to get out it I’ve been down this road with them they will eventually stop replying or come out with the same excuses time and time again.

Except that’s no where near the same as far as a comparison. If you ordered what was clearly marked as a Ferrari, and received anything but what you ordered, that’d obviously be a bait and switch at best.

I just can’t feel bad for all these threads saying how they expected the dino shown on the picture when no where on the screen you have to open before purchasing the incubator no where does it say that you are in any way shape or form guaranteed that particular creatures DNA. Especially at this point when there’s been multiple threads about this very same subject.

Its just like a blind mystery figure box, a pack of trading cards, gatcha boxes in any other game…you’re getting something for what you paid for, it just may not be specifically what you want out of that particular item bought. The featured incubators are the same principal. You’re guaranteed X amount of DNA out of it, Y of which will be guaranteed to be rare, and Z of which will be guaranteed to be epic. But it doesn’t state what that DNA will be, outside of creatures from the current theme the incubator is around (for the theme incubators).

@Robert_Hughes , the fact that you got the featured DNA out of special incubators before is indicative that you’ve been highly lucky up to the point of the last one you bought and didn’t get it. The fact that you’re expecting something that wasn’t promised on the purchase screen and now you’re mad about not getting it isn’t Ludia’s fault, its your own. You bought the incubator of your own volition. Or did you not take even a moment to glance at what was and was not specifically part of the item you were purchasing? I think its rather hilarious you keep threatening to take action like involve a lawyer or reverse the charge, and spend a lot more than you paid for that incubator in fighting a case you’re not going to win or risk charges against you for something not legal. If this is how you act over a game, I can only imagine how you manage to run the business you claim to run.

Reversing a transaction takes minutes. It does help having lawyers in the family… Even if I’m wrong it’s easy to drag them into court.

Easiest solution for everyone whos been ripped off by Ludia… stop buying special incubators.

Problem solved. Don’t support their deceptive business practices.

Yeah, but those potential legal ramifications for reversing a transaction done in good faith may take you a lot longer than a few minutes :laughing:

Have fun wasting yours and your families time then, and paying whatever court costs and other fees that will definitely add up to more than a single incubator cost you.

Really, it truly sounds like you are just butt hurt you didn’t get what you want, and you’re the type that is “use to getting what they want” for whatever reason.

You weren’t ripped off. And it made me laugh you even chose that wording for it. You took a gamble, you lost, and now you’re upset about it. I bet you threaten a casino with a lawsuit when you don’t win too when you walk out with less than you win in with as well, don’t ya?

The game is fun.

Yes you’re right false advertising does bother me.

Problem is already solved so all is well.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Man, if you consider that false advertising, since no where does it say what specific creatures you’re going to get…I feel bad for you. You got what you paid for, a random selection of creatures within the given theme, at a minimum of the DNA it said you’d get, but that’s somehow false advertising still. Just lol.

They shouldn’t feature a Dinosaur if all DNA is just random. It’s deceptive. End of story. And I’m not the only one who feels that way

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Well said. Dont give even 10 cents to Ludia, for real. They are even worse then Niantic.

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@Robert_Hughes I’ve spent about a thousand on this game and not once did I feel like I got my money’s worth. If you do this I’ll support you 100%
The players are the ones making the game money, the least they could do is not lie when we do spend.

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So…just because you say “end of story”, there’s no further room to speak somehow for some reason? That’s fallacy at its worst.

Please show me in anywhere, in any form, in any way whatsoever you were promised to receive what was on the image shown to tap to get you to the screen to purchase said incubator. I’ll wait patiently for that. Show that it was some how deceptive when it said you were guaranteed X DNA, Y rare DNA, and Z epic DNA that it said you were getting the creature shown on an example image of what you could get. Please, find something to show that its deceptive somehow. I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt and wait for you to find something that shows you didn’t get what you were promised when you bought it. Even though I know you’re going to return absolutely zero results to back up what you’re claiming.

Its also quite funny how you say every time you’ve bought them in the past you’ve always gotten the one in the image, but now that you didn’t once, considering its not promised on the purchase screen, you’re making a big deal over it. You weren’t lied to or cheated. Like I said earlier, you took a gamble on what you’d get inside said incubator, and are now acting pouty it wasn’t what you wanted. The same way a child gets petulant when they don’t get a toy or candy they want at the store.

You made the choice to spend the money, you knew what you were and were not promised inside said purchase, and now you’re upset about it. You weren’t lied to or deceived. No one forced you to buy it to play. There’s nothing forced to buy to play the game anyways. That’s (we’ll try it your way) end of story.

I’ll still wait patiently though for you to vainly try to provide some proof you were somehow deceived or lied to.

It’s somewhat like buying a snickers candy bar and opening to find a milky way. At that rate the package should have said “candy bar” and perhaps a note “may contain nuts” for those with allergies.

I appreciate that.

But seriously the best solution. We are the ones funding them. Stop spending money on the game. Unless it’s “Guaranteed “.

This “all DNA is random” is none sense. I’m not going to support it. Also it’s super easy to have a transaction reversed. Reason for reversal… “Deceptive advertising “ you didn’t get what you paid for.

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the issue is that you don’t even know if it’s actually possible to get what they put on the incubator. when they had an indoraptor incubator i opened SIX of them. 0 indoraptor DNA. every one i’ve seen other people open didn’t have a single indoraptor DNA either. it’s App store (maybe google play too) TOS rules that you have to put odds on these kind of things.

you know it’s done with malicious intent too. it’s not them innocently putting indoraptor on it. you know they’re like “lets put indoraptor on the front to trick people into buying it but never giving it to them. or making it even impossible to get it”.

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